Two suspects caught a woman sleeping in Potrero Hill on fire Tuesday, the result of a previous argument between the two factions.

The attack occurred between 8:30-9:15 a.m. Tuesday near the intersection of 17th and Vermont Streets, in Potrero Hill. According to the San Francisco Police Department, the 35-year-old female victim was awakened from her slumber "covered in an unknown substance" as a female suspect held "a flame next to her."

The suspect then lit the substance, and "flames ignited" the victim, police say.

The victim was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment of her injuries, and is expected to survive.

A subsequent investigation into the attack revealed that the victim had been engaged in a verbal argument with the suspect and a 29-year-old male at some point previous to the ignition, according to the SFPD.

As of publication time, police say that no arrests have been made in the case, nor is any additional suspect information available.

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