As you know, the Mavericks surf competition is going on right freakin' now. Even if you didn't have to work, it would be hard to watch it in person, as your only option is to watch from binoculars from a distance.

Or you can watch it online, here or below! (Update: According to an email sent to SFist by Raechel Ball with Red Bull Media House, "There was a momentary glitch in the player that allowed the embed code to be unlocked for a short time period." So, apparently, you'll have to go to their site to watch it.)

As previously reported, there are inbound swells predicted of 16 feet or higher, but the unique topography of the oceanfloor at Mavericks could push waves up to 25 to 30 feet, with the occasional breaker topping the 35-foot mark. (Commentators, though, are saying this year's waves aren't the biggest they've ever seen, and are kind of modest in size.)

This is the 10th time the competition will be held since its founding in 1999. When it's called, as it was on Tuesday, professional surfers from around the world drop everything and fly to the Bay Area to participate.

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