As we have before, SFist will be recapping HBO's absurdist look at our local tech community, Silicon Valley, when its third season begins on April 24th. In the new trailer, we see our awkward hero Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) vying to maintain control of the company he created, Pied Piper, by reclaiming his position as CEO.

You'll recall from the close of last season, Richard's decision to bring in investor Russ Hanneman leads to Russ ultimately cashing out and selling his shares, and board seats, to Raviga Capital, where robotic VC Laurie Bream orchestrates an ouster of Richard in the Season 2 finale. (She says that Pied Piper's "core technology is visionary" but "the entirety of their recent stumbles... this was all rooted in human error.")

Now, see more of that human error. Also, Richard kicking a robot dog.