San Francisco-based designer Lehu Zhang attracted the Huffington Post's shocked attention yesterday afternoon with the above poster, devoted to the Chinese Zodiac sign for this year.

"It looks like a penis penetrating where the sun doesn't shine," the HuffPo helpfully explains to any readers confused by their outrage over the image.

According to Zhang, "A monkey face was my initial plan."

"But as long as I was drawing, this turned out. For sure I knew what I made before I post it. So I would say it was a double-meaning poster at very beginning, no matter it was accidentally or not."

"I apologize if it hurts somebody," Zhang says, seemingly unaware that with enough lube, nearly anything is possible.

"All I wanted was to celebrate new year and make some funny thing."

You can see the rest of Zhang's Academy of Art University BFA graduate portfolio here, but I'll warn you -- it's all disappointingly S for W.

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