In sharp contrast to the thus-far pricey yet lackluster accommodations for the undomiciled at Pier 80, the Mission's Homeless Navigation Center has been widely hailed as a success (so much so that folks aren't leaving). It's a model the city seems eager to replicate, and rumors and flown fast and NextDooriously on where another might open.

One location that's repeatedly been rumored is Kezar Pavilion, the indoor arena next to Kezar Stadium. That that spot has been mentioned is not unreasonable — after all, one of the objections to Pier 80 has been its remote location. Kezar, on the other hand, is a skip and a jump from the well-known homeless peoples' hotspot of Haight and Stanyan Streets.

But according to Hoodline, it's not to be.

The rumor was killed during Park Station's monthly community meeting, when station head Captain John Sanford was asked by an attendee if he's heard that "city agencies were considering Kezar Pavilion for the site of a new homeless Navigation Center."

When Sanford said that that was the first he'd heard of it, a representative for District 5 Supervisor London Breed stepped in.

According to Breed staffer Vallie Brown, when "residents asked if a Navigation Center could be created for Haight-Ashbury's homeless population...the Kezar gym and adjacent parking lot behind Park Station were floated as potential locations."

However, "we're not going to do it at Kezar," she said, "but nothing has been decided," nor have any funds been dedicated to the potential project.

"We've been looking around," for a suitable location, Brown said. But "if anything came up that we said 'Hey, this would be a great spot,' then we're going to bring it out to the community to get their concerns, just like what they did in the Mission."

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