Meet Dr. Juergen Pichler Levine (left) and Jim Gantt (right). They arrived at Super Bowl 50 "midway through the first quarter," reports the Chron.

Why? "Our private jet arrived late" Pichler Levine, who Haute Living recently described as an "Austrian entrepreneur" said. The men, both Broncos fans, were flying from Houston when they were stuck in a holding pattern in San Jose. Then their Uber driver "didn’t know anything,” Pichler Levine said, making them even later to the ball(game). In fact, reports the Chron, the duo were "possibly the last ticketed fans to pass through security at the east gate."

When told of that dubious distinction, Pichler Levine, who describes himself as a "Peacekeeper - Pilot - Producer - Composer" on his Instagram account had the kind of response you might expect from a guy who takes a private jet then bitches about his Uber driver.

“We could give a fuck,” he reportedly said. “We are rich.”

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