Super Bowl ads! For some of us who don't mind the corporate shilling, these are the only watchable parts of this national obsession nicknamed The Big Game.

As Ad Age tells us, the price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad spot has gone up 11 percent each year for the past five Super Bowls, and ad placements this year were going for between $4.6 million and $5 million each. And at that link you'll see the full roster of all the companies that coughed up that much and more to advertise this year.

Below, the best of the bunch, in our opinion, as we finally, finally, wind down our coverage of Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco.

Heinz, 'Meet the Ketchups'
This "wiener stampede" might just win.


Mountain Dew, 'Puppy Monkey Baby'
There hasn't been a Mountain Dew ad during the Super Bowl in 15 years, so they pulled out all the stops with this nightmare mashup of three of the internet's favorite things, puppies, monkeys, and babies, created by BBDO New York.


Avocados from Mexico, 'Avos in Space'
Way to make us all feel small, avocados.


Marmot's Little 'No Homo' Joke
It was their first time advertising at the Super Bowl, and Marmot went for a "no homo" joke, but it's sort of cute.


Doritos, 'Ultrasound'


The Sabotkas from 'The Wire' in 'The Longest Chase' for Toyota Prius
The actors who played the family of dock workers from Season 2 of The Wire, Chris Bauer, James Ransone, and Pablo Schreiber reunited as bank robbers on a getaway in this fun car chase.


Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan for Bud Light
"Just wait til you see our caucus."


T.J. Miller and Shock Top Orange Slice Exchange Insults

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Acura NSX with David Lee Roth Isolated Vocals
You've still got it, Diamond Dave.


Helen Mirren for Budweiser
You are an "oxygen wasting human form of pollution" if you drive drunk. You heard it here.


Honorable Mention...

X-Men: Apocalypse