As recently as ten hours ago, the Carolina Panthers were favored to easily win Super Bowl 50. But that's not what happened! Instead, the Denver Broncos handily took the win, 24-10. Sorry, Daisy!

Despite slippery turf and the Panthers' win at the coin toss, by the end of the first quarter it was already the Broncos' 10-0 game.

Mid-second-quarter, it was Broncos wide receiver Jordan Norwood's time to shine, when he made a Super Bowl record-setting 61-yard punt return. By halftime, it was Broncos 13 to the Panther's teeny-tiny 7.

Then there was that halftime show, which made me think that Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter and her dancers could easily have dominated either team. Backward, and in heels.

By the end of the still low-scoring third quarter, the Broncos remained on top, 16-7. And in a bangless whimper, the teams ran out the last few minutes of the clock, as the Broncos claimed the Vince Lombardi trophy in a 14-point win over the presumed winners.

In the post-season ceremony, Broncos linebacker Vonnie B'Vsean "Von" Miller was named Super Bowl 50's MVP. And, stop asking, if Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is retiring, he's not saying shit about that tonight.

Citing his former coach with the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy, Manning said he was advised "don't make an emotional decision. This has been a very emotional week, and emotional night, and I got a couple priorities on order: I want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids, and go celebrate with my family and teammates" then referred to, by name, a brand of beer that presumably paid him a great deal of money to name them. *Oh, wait, no it didn't, but then again...) He also thanked "the man upstairs," who presumably also did not write Manning any checks to date.

"I'll take some time to reflect on the other", the 39-year-old Manning said. "Go Broncos!"

In stark contrast to the jubilant Manning, Panthers quarterback Can Newton was, in the words of one fan, "petulant" during the post-show presser, seemingly stomping out of the room after what appeared to be a sustained pouting session.