The survey results are in, and the views of neighbors and business owners have been neatly tallied. And now, in classic San Francisco style, it's time to dismiss all of that and come up with solution that is bound to make no one happy. Today the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is set to hear the final recommendations of a committee tasked with coming up with a solution to the problem of illegal Sunday double parking by churchgoers on Dolores and Guerrero Streets. The recommendations, while nonbinding, are sure to influence the SFMTA as they decide whether or not to ban the practice entirely, continue to tacitly allow it, or formally regulate it.

The Median Parking Advisory Committee, the organization behind the nine-question survey we wrote about last month, has attempted to get a read on the practice that turns Dolores and Guerrero Streets into de facto state-sponsored free parking lots for churchgoers every Sunday.

The survey results were unambiguous, with 75 percent of survey respondents opposing the current state of affairs, and 74 percent of residents living the area supporting banning median parking on Sundays altogether.

SFMTA planner John Knox White told the Examiner what he expects to hear from the committee. Which is to say, whatever the hell they feel like saying.

“We asked them to recommend anything they want,” he explained. “We’ll take that recommendation and within 90 days get back to them.”

The committee is set to give its recommendations starting at 1 p.m. today in the SFMTA offices at One South Van Ness.

While we eagerly await hearing what they propose, and the following decision made by SFMTA, sources tell the Examiner that the final "decision may be a major compromise between faith and secular groups," suggesting that the committee will recommend expanding the illegal double parking to all — shoppers, neighbors, parkgoers, and churchgoers alike.

If that is indeed the outcome, if may just prove once and for all what the observant citizens of San Francisco worship most dearly: free parking.

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