In a message to parents today, the San Francisco Unified School District, responsible fro nearly 60,000 students each year, revealed that it had received a violent threat similar to several across the country earlier this week. Those have been deemed not credible, and that was also the case this time.

"SFUSD staff received an email threat of violence similar to the one received earlier this week in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami and several other cities," sounds a mass-message sent earlier today. "We immediately contacted the SFPD and the FBI to conduct a facilities inspection. All schools have been inspected and nothing suspicious was found. The district is open for normal business today. At this time we do not believe the threat is credible, but as a precautionary measure we have increased police presence around schools and transit corridors to and from schools we will continue to monitor the situation, if you see something suspicious please call 911."