Did you hear it? Did you see it? Storms last night brought with them the rare bit of Bay Area thunder and the even rarer case of hail — and with predictions of additional rain today, we hope you have an umbrella.

Expected to accompany this afternoon's rain are dangerous beach conditions, with a National Weather Service high surf warning spelling out the very real danger.

"Extreme wave run up is expected with these waves with long lulls in between wave sets...increasing the risk of being washed into the sea by a wave," reads the warning. "This will result in very dangerous swimming conditions...and deadly rip currents."

So, maybe postpone that Ocean Beach walk with Fluffy?

Lightning, rain, and hail were spread across the Bay Area Thursday night, with reports of especially heavy precipitation in El Cerrito.

Interstate 580 in Oakland even partially flooded, reports Kron 4, causing several early morning crashes.

As we head deeper into the predicted "Godzilla El Niño," expect to see repeated flooding in the areas of 17th and Folsom Streets, 15th and Wawona Streets, and Cayuga Avenue at Glen Park as the city recently informed residents and business owners in these areas that it can't do anything to prevent the sewer system from backing as a result of heavy rains.

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