In a print package that was a cover piece of the Sunday paper titled "San Francisco's Strange Detour From Paradise to Parody," the Chronicle comes way late to the game (surprise) in lamenting the fact that the prices of everything, from starter homes to pour-over coffee, have gotten absurdly high. Were this an insightful window into unexplored corners of our admittedly parody-worthy times, it might be forgivable, but instead it's just another tired trudge through the now really tired discussion of how expensive everything is and how there's now an app for everything from bottle service at douchey nightclubs to doing your packing for you for business trips.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but SFist has been wading in the waters of these individual, absurd developments in our tech, cultural, and real estate landscape for a while now, and it's just funny to see this smattering of cocktail-party tidbits being delivered in ink to the outlying counties several years later.

They lament that in formerly working class Bernal Heights there's now a fancy food shop, Epicurean Trader — recently vandalized by some non-fans — where a neighborhood bookshop once stood. And that the new Old Bus Tavern — incidentally the same restaurant that Michael Bauer raves about in the very same issue of the newspaper — is selling $15 chili with “slow cooked chuck.”

But really? Complaining about the price of third-wave coffee by calling out Stanza on 16th for selling small-batch pour-over cups for "four to eight dollars a cup"?

Griping about the price of coffee is so six years ago. And isn't a Venti latte at Starbucks around four bucks? Also, cocktails are expensive everywhere, from San Diego to New York, and that is also not news.

I guess we should be grateful that they left the toast out of it.

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