It seems like just yesterday that everyone was bitching about Apple's Civic Center take-over to announce (among other things) the iPhone 6s. And today Apple has confirmed that those new phones will be at their stores on Friday, which means that people (or their Task Rabbits) are likely lining up outside the Apple store starting right about now.

You already know about this fucking phone: You can get it in a new color, "rose gold," which I hate and Caleb loves. It's got "three levels of touch pressure allowing new capabilities for interacting with buttons and content in iOS9." It's got "an all-new MP camera" which "is quietly recording audio and video of you all the time unless you opt out of this feature." Yay?

All in all, there are 18 new features, USA Today rhapsodizes uh, today, all intended to make you throw your current phone in the landfill and buy this new one.

In a press release posted to their website this morning, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Philip Schiller, provides this electrifying quote: “Customer response to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has been incredibly positive, we can't wait to get our most advanced iPhones ever into customers’ hands starting this Friday." Well, you will have to wait, Phil, as it's only Monday!

Also waiting will be those folks who decide to camp out in front of the Apple store every time there's a new product, as folks did this time last year for the iPhone 6 (aka the phone you will be tossing to get the new one) despite the fact that you can just pre-order the phone and have them mail it to you the day-of. But there's no reasoning with zealots, is there? After all, as Tim, an Apple-camper we spoke with last year said: "I know I sound like I'm brainwashed...But everything Apple does is amazing."

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