The custody battle over Chip, the chicken found wandering in traffic on the Bay Bridge last week, has been resolved — and she'll soon be in her new home at an East Oakland school.

Bay City News reports that last Wednesday, East Oakland Beautification Council chairman Ken Houston was transporting two chickens to the Stonehurst Edible Schoolyard & Community Garden, which is shared by Esperanza Elementary School and Korematsu Discover Academy.

Stonehurst installed chicken coops six months ago and already had five chickens, BCN reports. After two of the birds died, Houston had donated two more chickens on behalf of the EOBC, and was bringing two more over Wednesday, when he made a pit stop "by the old Army base in Oakland near the Bay Bridge toll plaza."

“I came back to my vehicle and I saw the box had been tipped over and (the chickens) had escaped,” Houston told BCN.

“Somebody called me and told me the chicken was on the bridge.” And, of course, you know the rest of the story.

After Oakland's Animal Care and Control rescued the bird, three separate parties called them to claim ownership of Chip (sadly, Chip's escape partner has not been found). But only Houston had the "documentation and photographs verifying the chicken was his."

Houston says he'll pick Chip up from the ACC later this week, and drop her off at Stonehurst where, says Suzanne Ludlum, Stonehurst's education coordinator, she's "excited to begin caring for the hen."

“We thought the chickens would be a great addition to the garden,” Ludlum told BCN.

“It gets the children excited about the garden, creates a connection to the land and teaches them about animal husbandry.”

And as a side benefit, the kids learn about female “freedom fighters,” as all the schoolyard's chickens are named after notable women like "Ella Baker, an American Civil Rights advocate, Rigoberta Menchu, a Guatemalan indigenous peoples’ advocate and Wangari Maathai, an Kenyan environmental and political activist."

And soon Chip will get renamed after a similar lady of note, Ludlum says. May I suggest American suffragist Alice Paul, who was arrested in June, 1917 on charges of "obstructing traffic" as she picketed the White House demanding that women be allowed to vote? Seems like an apt figure for a traffic-stopping chick like Chip.

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