Burning Man 2015 wrapped up on Sunday, and while we don't yet have a tally of how many dust-caked bicycles got left behind this year (last year it was 2,000), we have gotten some photos and videos and many Twitter posts from the playa. It was, by many accounts, an especially windy and dust-stormy year, but such is the territory of the Black Rock Desert and veteran Burners know that dust and wind are preferable to extreme, inescapable heat.

And, once again, Burning Man was very largely attended by white people, and festival founder Larry Harvey (whose wife is black), made a controversial statement that he defended for The Guardian over the weekend, after he said, "I don’t think black folks like to camp as much as white folks." According to the last Black Rock City census, 87 percent of Burners were white, and only 1.3 percent were black.

But it wasn't dusty and windy the entire time...

Riders on the storm. by @benxphoto #burningman2015#wemaylooklikethisintheafterworld

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Your friends and neighbors are just barely functioning back in the Default World today, and likely they have the day off.

ABC 7 hung around at the Divisadero Touchless Car Wash on Monday where the price for hosing down a Burning Man car is an even $100 this year. And, "The $100 price does not include any special treatment. The added cost is just to run the vehicle through the wash three times to get all the grime out."

In case you hadn't seen it, here was this year's Temple of Promise.

And here it is aflame.

Susan Sarandon once again had a hell of a time on the playa — here are her posts.


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If you build it, they will come.

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Totem of Confessions burns.

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Another Playa Sunrise

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More of the art, including the third towering female figure by artist Marco Cochrane, and the aforementioned Blunderwood Portable outsize typewriter.

And, finally, Katy Perry was a playa virgin this year, and she posted a video to Instagram on Sunday of herself, during a dust storm, trying and failing to work a Segway.

obvious first time burner alert

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when u hand burning man the aux chord

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