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We all have heroes, and many of them are a personal part of our lives. Whether it's a neighbor helping out after a terrible storm or a close friend supporting you in a time of need, so many go unrecognized for their efforts day after day. To help celebrate these unsung heroes, Genuine Thermos® Brand is honoring your "Genuine Thermos Brand Heroes."

Thanks to your nominations, winners have been chosen to represent unsung heroes nationwide. Here's just a shortlist of those selected.

KATRINA GEARHART, Smyrna, Delaware
Gearhart was selected for her advocacy for domestic violence victims. She currently works with battered women and children to help them escape their current situations and start new, safe lives. Although she puts in extremely long hours without much pay in return, Gearhart helps those in need start new chapters.

HELEN SOLLY, Toms River, New Jersey
Solly was nominated by Marisa Keller for her dedication as an elementary school crossing guard. Keller said, “Not only does she know every child that comes out of the school, but she knows their siblings, parents and grandparents all by name. She will not let a child leave her sight until she sees an appropriate person to get them home safely.” Before the kids graduate from elementary school, Solly shares a small gift along with a speech about how much they mean to her—a true act of heroism.

MATT JOHNSON, Chicago, Illinois
Johnson's continual efforts to improve his local community, as well as his past military service earned him nomination. Dedicated to helping feed homeless Chicago residents, Johnson created around 100 food care packages and delivered them last Thanksgiving, making sure no one went without food during the holiday.

DAVID BADGETT, Collinsville, Illinois
Badgett was selected as a Genuine Thermos Brand Hero for his service as a firefighter and paramedic in Collinsville. He began as a volunteer firefighter at the age of 16 and has continued to balance an extremely demanding job while being a great father to four daughters.

CHRISTIAN FIGUEROA, Bakersfield, California
Figueroa was selected for his 16 years of service to the community as a 911-dispatch supervisor, working the graveyard shift, which can be a thankless task.

AMY POLLOCK, Wilmington, Delaware
Pollock received her nomination for her service to the homeless and food insecure in Wilmington through the charity, From Our Kitchen. Pollock’s service has been instrumental in helping this charity grow from serving meals one Sunday a month to every Sunday, feeding about 200 local residents each week.

Genuine Thermos Brand Heroes each receive a prize package of thank-you items including a Thermos brand product, coffee beans from one of the country's finest coffeehouses and a personal thank-you note from Genuine Thermos Brand. The first round of winners even received their prize packages in time to celebrate National Fill Your Thermos Brand Bottle Day today, May 21. The program will continue throughout the year and into 2016 with additional nomination opportunities and prize package deliveries to winners. Updates will be available on and