The second annual Crappies were not the only element of protest happening outside last night's Crunchies ceremony at Davies Symphony Hall. As KTVU shows us in the video coverage below, there was also a significant turnout of angry taxi drivers protesting Uber this year.

Says one longtime cab driver, Mark Gruberg, who spoke to KTVU, "Why would anyone give an award to a company that has gone around the world, breaking the law almost everywhere they go? It seems not only absurd and ridiculous, but almost criminal."

The Crappies went on as planned on the Van Ness-facing sidewalk, complete with lively marching band, and a person in a pig costume (seen above) carrying a sign that said, "Mayor Ed Lee: Pure Crap." The mock ceremony was hosted for the second year by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. Other protesters can be seen in the footage yelling and aggressively harassing tech folk as they queued up to get through the doors of the Crunchies.

Some Crunchies-goers even got their hair done for the occasion, like this guy.

An app called Yik Yak won the Crunchie for Fastest Rising Startup, and it's some kind of alternative to Secret for people in close proximity.

Uber won the big prize of "Best Overall Startup," despite being founded over five years ago, and Marc Benioff took home the award for CEO of the year, with Marissa Mayer coming in as runner-up. Here's the full list of awards.


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