Though there's been no official word on the identity of the one fatality in Wednesday night's fire at 22nd and Mission, reporters have honed in on a couple who is already mourning their roommate, who is unaccounted for and whom they fear is the sole victim.

As KTVU reports, Mauricio Orellana, a man in his late 30s who moved here from El Salvador over 10 years ago, is believed to be dead. His church, Primera Iglesia Bautista del Sur, is also mourning him, saying he had attended services there since 2002.

Though the building had no outstanding violations, as the Chron reports, there have been multiple accounts of fire escapes being blocked and no fire alarms going off.

The number of people displaced by the fire has now gone up to 54. Some residents of the brand new condo building next door to the burned building, the Vida, were displaced due to water damage, and firefighters had to knock out portions of a wall in that building in order to douse flames from above.

Update: Orellana has been confirmed as the sole victim. Firefighters say he was resting and listening to music when the fire broke out and suffered a heart attack before they could get him out of the building.

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