The Mission fire that killed one, injured several, and displaced many including several local businesses, has repercussions still being felt.

The commissary kitchen for Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen, where fresh challah is baked and pastrami is made for operations on 24th Street, the Ferry Plaza Market, and the Jewish Museum, was among those businesses decimated by the fire. And for Wise Sons, the timing couldn't have been less fortunate.

As Inside Scoop reports, for weeks the team had been testing a new bagel operation in anticipation of a rollout on Thursday. They'd gotten a 12-foot-long bagel machine to make thousands of bagels a day, in a long process including 36 hours of proofing plus boiling in malt syrup and baking. Ready to let the public have a bite, Wise Sons Bagel, the name for the new biz, was going to send hundreds of bagels to companies like Twitter and Square as part of a marketing campaign.

But the commissary, according to Wise Sons and verified in this Instagram picture, was completely destroyed.

They released this statement on Facebook:

Wise Sons moved into the building at 22nd and Mission back in 2013, where offices, meat curing operations, and baking took place. They do have insurance, which they hope will come through soon. And they're hoping now to find a new location for making those bagels, pictured below. It's unclear when they'll be able to reschedule that launch.

To support victims of the fire, a Gofundme page is here, where $40,000 of a goal of $60,000 has already been raised.