Ladies and gentlemen, we might've just gotten ourselves the 2014 version of Gregory Tyler Graniss. Yay?

Graniss, as you of course already know, is the guy who bashed the heck out of a Muni bus following the SF Giants 2012 World Series victory. The bus, which was completely trashed, ended up costing the SFMTA nearly a million bucks to replace.

Nothing as egregious went down when the Giants won this year: yeah, 28 Muni vehicles got vandalized, but the price tag was "only" $140K or so. In the melee, 12 San Francisco Police Department cars were also vandalized, and it's one of the alleged cop car trashers we're celebrating today.

According to SFPD spokesperson Sergeant Monica MacDonald, 19-year-old Ryan Douglas London of San Francisco was arrested today on one count of felony vandalism. "London participated in the vandalism of a police vehicle during the World Series celebration on the night of October 29, 2014," MacDonald says. "The damage sustained by the vehicle was valued to be in excess of $10,000." (Somewhere, Graniss is sneering "amateur.")

It wasn't easy for police to identify London, MacDonald says: "Investigators from the Special Investigations Division combed through video evidence over a two week period," and police say that they confirmed that he was the man responsible "through evidence found on his person at the time of arrest" (MacDonald was not able to elaborate on that evidence at publication time). He was, MacDonald says, nabbed "in the area where the vandalism occurred."

But just because they have London in cuffs doesn't mean SFPD is resting, for as Chief Greg Suhr said, about a hundred people were responsible for the bad stuff that night. Therefore, if you have any information regarding these vandalism incidents, you should call Sergeant Tony Damato of the Special Investigations Division at 415-553-1449, or the SFPD's Anonymous Tip Line at 415-575-4444.