When Buzzfeed learned of the Lexington Club's impending closure, they asked real live lesbians to design their own dream bars. As queer spaces become a diminished presence in America, the fanciful results are really wonderful, and would honestly be more than welcome in San Francisco. Do we really need another craft beer bar when we could have a hammock bar, as one respondent dreams?


Ashley Ford's Club Turn Up would have "TWO snack rooms. Get chocolate wasted, Baby." That's not all: "Not much of a dancer, but like moving your body? BAM! I included a climbing wall. There’s also a carousel and three flat screen TVs that never stop playing Ellen and Portia de Rossi’s wedding video. Just to class it up a bit.”

Jessica Probus Buzzfeed

Jessica Probus says that “The best way to get lesbians to actually GO to a bar and STAY there is to include things they would already be doing at home. Beer. Snacks. Hammocks. and Singalong’s.”

But Sara Karlan darkly jokes: "The most important feature of my lesbian bar is that it would actually exist. You know, because they really don’t seem to do that anymore.”

Ashley Ford: Buzzfeed