Macy's The Secret Garden Flower Show wrapped up yesterday, and we're sure it was great. But now, what's happening to all the plants used in displays like “The Abandoned Estate,” “Maze Garden,” “Junkyard Garden,” and “Rooftop Gardens?” Well, that's easy: they're going home with you.

From 10 AM-3 PM today, event organizers will be offering the plants used in the big show to regular folks like you and me. It's all happening at Piers 30-32, during a giant sale intended to benefit the Delancey Street Foundation.

According to event organizers, "the plant sale will include potted plants, flowers and small trees featured inside of Macy’s Union Square during [the] Flower Show. Plants for sale will range from $5 or less for smaller plants to around $35 for larger shrubs and small trees." A small price to pay for an (arguably) "famous" plant! Especially when you consider how all profits from the sale will go to Delancey Street, a nationally-renowned residential self-help organization.

What: Macy's Flower Show Plant Sale
When: 10 AM-3 PM
Where: Piers 30-32, on the Embarcadero south of the Bay Bridge between the Ferry Building and AT&T Park.
Cost: Entry is free, plants begin at "$5 or less"