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T-minus 63 days until World Cup Brazil, and the drama surrounding this year's tournament has been intense. It's bound to be a good year though, and even if Americans continue to favor the Big Four over soccer, it really is the world's sport—no less than 750 million people watched the 2006 final match in Germany.

Novels could be written and marriages ruined over choosing the greatest soccer player of all time, but what would happen if your choices crossed each other's path in the wild? Above, we've got Cristiano "Most Expensive Footballer of All Time" Ronaldo in one corner while Pelé stands in the other, so exhilarating to watch that he's enjoyed single-name status since his youth.

Emirates may have just signed Ronaldo as their Global Ambassador, but in this video he's going to encounter the man every footballer's grown up in the shadow of—two strikers, two egos. Or is it? Watch what happens, and share your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook with #AllTimeGreats and @Emirates.

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