A 62-year-old woman who may or may not have cancer but who seriously wants to get to Hawaii has now been nabbed four times at SFO either boarding planes or attempting to board planes, to the point that there's now a court order for her to stay away from the airport. As of yesterday, she was arrested again just for sitting in the food court at the International Terminal, because technically she's now trespassing.

We're not clear on the details of Marilyn Jean Hartman's story or mental state, just that she told authorities during one of her arrests that she has cancer and was trying to go somewhere warm. This apparently hasn't been confirmed, but Hartman actually got onto a Hawaii-bound plane without a valid boarding pass on February 15 and was only found out when the true seat-holder arrived. She was later caught carrying a discarded boarding pass on two other occasions, February 18 and 20. The first two times she was let off with a warning, and the third time she was arrested and went to court, pleading no contest to two counts of misdemeanor commercial burglary. She got 18 months probation and was told she was not to return to SFO without a ticket to fly. And then she did.

Can we please just put this woman on a plane? I'm not saying we should do this for every criminal trespasser who perseveres like this, but she must have a really good reason to want to go to Hawaii, right? And she apparently has no money and all the time in the world to lurk around the airport until she figures this out.

I'm not the only one to have this idea — there's a GoFundMe campaign you can donate a couple dollars to right here. They've only raised $135, but this shouldn't be that hard.

[SF Appeal]

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