If you like sex, drugs, and soccer, tonight is your night. This evening, San Francisco's Italian Cultural Institute is offering a free screening of L'uomo in più (in English, One Man Up), one of director Paolo Sorrentino's sexiest, dirtiest, and funniest films.

It's impossible not to see the strong influence 1997's Boogie Nights (and through that, Scorsese, obvs) had on this 2001 movie, check out this long-ass tracking shot here for just one example. And like BN, One Man Up is an 80s-set, darkly comedic look at the pitfalls of fame. Did I mention that there's tons of sex and drugs? Tons. It's really kind of a blast, and you'll feel a little bit cooler for seeing it. Check out the trailer below, which might be NSFW, as it has full frontal female nudity and a whole bunch of doin' it. Oh, Italy.

Yes, the trailer's only in Italian, but that'll give you a taste of what you're in for. Tonight's movie will be shown with English subtitles, don't worry.

What: One Man Up screening
When: 6:30 PM.
Where: San Francisco Italian Cultural Institute 814 Montgomery Street, between Jackson and Pacific
Cost: Free