It's been over a week since SFist (and Curbed) brought the Quad to your attention. The Quad, god save us all, was the brainchild of Paragon realtor Jennifer Rosdail, and it's not a real thing. Basically, Rosdail presented the area from 17th & Market to Market & Valencia to 25th & Shotwell to 25th & Church and back as a new twentysomething urban (un)gated community neighborhood (effectively gay-washing parts of the Castro, which is a very real problem happening right now, but that's another topic for another article altogether). And the people who live there were to be known as the "Quadsters." Bleech.

SFist received a concerned letter from a licensed Realtor in San Francisco (who asked to remain anonymous) who responded to fake neighborhood the Quad, saying:

"This is the worst idea I have heard in SF in a long , long time, and I've heard a lot of made up emerging neighborhood names. Most new names make sense because they identify a distinct and unique part of a bigger neighborhood. Case in point: Lower Pacific Heights has a different feel and therefore has its own identity even though it is encompassed within Pacific Heights. It doesn't make any value sense (for buyers or sellers IMHO) to mash-up several neighborhoods into "The Quad." Mostly the term The Quad reminds college-educated people of their college days. So, who on earth wants to fork out over a million dollars for a condo in a neighborhood that, when announced as where you live, could be interpreted as part of a college campus? Not any of the smart, successful people I know and represent.

"The problem with this marketing is that the area the Realtor is referring to already has perfectly identifiable neighborhood names (Mission Dolores, Dolores Heights, Mission, Noe Valley) — there is no need to mess with them. The fact that the 'ideal' location in the central/southern part of the city happens to cross over a couple of neighborhood lines shouldn't trigger the need for a new name . The Realtor should do her job and introduce her buyer clients to all of the aspects of all of these neighborhoods - identifying the most desirable blocks like all Realtors do, and sell properties based on that; she shouldn't be redefining neighborhoods to dumb down SF real estate or make it easier for new SF young techies to understand. New York doesn't do this.... why should we?"


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