This post is brought to you by MetroMile.

Know what? Owning a car is a labor of love. There's gas, insurance and the unyielding plague of vague parking signs. You might even ask yourself, is it really worth it all?

Don't be like that, of course it is! Freedom isn't free, you know. Also, now there's an app called MetroMile that'll make it all a whole lot easier. MetroMile lets you view all kinds of useful driving data and insights, uncover what that check engine warning light means, remember where you parked last night, and perhaps most importantly, it'll help you to avoid those pesky street sweeping tickets that curse us San Franciscans.

Check out the video above to see how MetroMile's new automated alerts help you navigate street sweeping; the app will know that you've parked in a street cleaning zone, ask if you'd like a reminder for later, then alert you an hour before the scheduled cleaning time so you can avoid that dreaded ticket. The feature goes live Monday, March 31 for SF users, with more cities to come.

It's easy to get started, too. Just sign up here to get your free Metronome in the mail, plug the little device into the diagnostic port under your dash, download the free MetroMile app, and relax, knowing that waking up to a ticket on your dashboard is a thing of the past.