Alleged Sinatra progeny and 26-year-old MSNBC on-air personality Ronan Farrow is tackling some tough issues on his recently launched talk show Ronan Farrow Daily. He's already asked Kenyans what they think of President Obama, now he's moved on to a couple of current issues affecting the great state of California: legal marijuana and homelessness.

For his expert witnesses on California's pot trade, Farrow calls up recent statements by Governor Jerry Brown who, as the state's most powerful septuagenarian, thinks easily available marijuana will turn California's population into the mindless stoners everyone thinks we are anyway. Brown's Lt. Governor and interesting hairnest Gavin Newsom, meanwhile, called in via satellite to claim the idea of a drug-free California is a "mirage" and the state could be leaving as much as $1.5 billion in tax revenue on the table:

Earlier in Tuesday's edition of Ronan Farrow Daily, Newsom dialed in from his perch somewhere west of the Golden Gate to discuss homelessness in California, which gave Farrow two priceless moments to flex his immense self-satisfaction: "If you live in a city, any city," Farrow says, introducing the segment, "chances are you've walked by someone without a home." Then, after Newsom plows through his measured vision for fixing the homeless problem in the state, the cub anchor takes Newsom to task for Sit/Lie, effectively asking why Newsom hates homeless people. Those sparks fly at the 3:45 mark:

And thus, Ronan Farrow Daily just became our new favorite daytime hate-watch.

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