Understanding why Dodgers fans are deplorable is a no-brainer. Giants fans, rightfully so, treat them like their creepy second cousin on the sex offenders registry. Every family has one, but no one wants to have him over for dinner. What about Seattle Seahawk fans, though? Why, seemingly all of the sudden, are they so bad? And why has this comparatively nascent rivalry turned so ugly?

To find out more, SFist asked our 49ers columnist Daisy Barringer to tell us more. Of the rivalry, she explains:

I don't actually believe there was a rivalry until recently, but it's almost as if by hating the 49ers, the Seahawks fans are legitimating themselves. Their team has barely ever mattered and now they're good, but historically, we are better which drives them bananas, even though they scoff any time we bring up our five rings. Mostly though, any time you get two teams in the same division who are good and live close enough that there are going to be transplants from both cities living in the other, you're going to get some good strong fan hatred.

As for her own opinions about Seattle fans, she leaves little room for ambiguity:

Personally I can't stand them because they run their mouths off, but don't have much to back it up. They won the NFC West this year, sure, but we went to the Super Bowl last year. They're also very quick to insult our actual city and they insist on calling Kaepernick a thug, despite the fact that he is pretty much the opposite. Also, they just get butt-hurt super easily, like over the Dre Beats commercial, for example.

Mostly, I think they're just defensive, but also too cocky for what they've achieved. Right now they are literally my LEAST favorite fan base in the entire NFL and that's saying a lot.

Or, maybe it's the fact that Starbucks honors Seahawks fans with 12 cent coffees Friday. Psh.