Here we go again. The Law Offices of Bornstein & Bornstein and Bay Property Group have invited you to learn the art of kicking out tenants. There's money to be made and those human beings won't fling themselves out to the gutter. Okay, that's a touch dramatic — two sides to every story, right? — but tonight's event, which helps landlords better understand how to kick out tenants, couldn't come at a worst/best time.

Topics will include: Rent Control v. Non-Rent Control, Just Cause Eviction Rules, The Eviction Process, Tenant Buy-Out Agreements, Owner Move-In Evictions, and Protected Tenant Analysis.

Broke-Ass Stuart covered this last year, when the same (popular) seminar went down in November. Even the Chronicle and 7x7 chimed in too.

Details. (Also, depending on which side of the fence you're on, Bornstein's YouTube channel is helpful/chilling.)