A disgruntled anti-Googler has put up this large-scale poster, poetically decrying the search engine's inexorable reach into our lives. It reads:

I'm watching you/ I'm targeting you. I'm searching for you. I'm tracking you. I know where you live. I have pictures of your block. I have pictures of your house. I put you on the map. I know where you spend your money. I tell you were to spend your money. I want your money. I am money. I sell your information. I read your email. I know you watch porn. I help you watch porn. I killed the encyclopedia. I'm Big Brother's little helper. I am Big Brother. I'm a Big Brotha Mutha Fucka. I'm a noun and a verb. I'm above the law. I bought the law. I'm out of control. I AM GOOGLE and I own you. I OWN YOU ... and I stole this city's soul.