If you've walked around San Francisco's Castro District recently, you might have come across a scene like this: a gaggle of smiling penises starring at you from select storefronts. Don't be frightened. It's all a part of the Healthy Penis campaign, a program designed to make you and your beautiful penis healthier.

Though the campaign has been going strong for a couple of years now, it has returned to the city keep us in check. Those who get tested are gifted with these stress relief squeeze toys emblazoned with a message that gay and bisexual men should get tested for HIV every six months and every three months for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. (They've been giving these out for years, but they've only popped up in storefronts as of late.) According to the Bay Area Reporter, "They will be part of safer sex packets given to clients at the city's HIV testing sites over the course of the new initiative."

The white cock is known as "Byron H Penis." In a May 2013 article, the Bay Area Reporter noted the effectiveness of the penis characters, as well as the names of the other multiracial dongs:

Since their inception the Healthy Penis characters have proved to be effective ambassadors to educate gay and bi men about the need to test frequently for STDs. The cohort of multi-racial phalluses includes Pedro, who is Latino, and Clark, who is African American. There is also their nemesis Phil the syphilis sore.

The campaign was designed to raise awareness about syphilis and persuading gay/bisexual men to get tested and treated,. Healthy Penis has already led to a major decrease in syphilis cases. According to the program's site, "Healthy Penis was later implemented in Seattle, San Jose (CA), and most recently, Winnipeg, Canada. A spin off campaign entitled “Stop the Sores”, was implemented in Los Angeles, Portland (OR) and Philadelphia."

Here are some important facts to know about syphilis. If you think you have it, please get tested. It's curable and treatable! Further, you'll be the proud owner of a totally rad dick toy.