Some of you may recall the tale of 48-year-old DUI suspect Khalil Jaser, who went on a Twitter rampage and made multiple death threats against his arresting officer in Brisbane and subsequently tried to get Mel Gibson to grab a cup of coffee with him. Well, he was convicted Thursday of stalking the officer, and luckily he remains in jail.

As the Examiner reports, Jaser also threatened an Examiner reporter before his arrest, after the story came out about the stalking.

In total, prosecutors said Jaser called the police officer 152 times and left 54 voicemail messages over three weeks, saying things like "Boom, you’re dead motherfucker." There were also many tweets mentioning the officer and saying lovely things like "I am going fuck your wives shit in faces stick my foot up rat holes and poison you you jews pieces of shit." Jaser, who identifies as a Palestinian Christian, also posted a bunch of anti-Semitic remarks in the course of his Twitterings.

He'll be sentenced May 14, and is being held on $750,000 bail.


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