A San Bruno woman is distraught after losing her 1-year-old Pomeranian named "Archie" on a BART ride home from a San Francisco SPCA event Wednesday night. Kerrin Lanahan says she accidentally fell asleep on a southbound train with Archie in his carrier bag next to her, but when she woke up her tiny, yet certified and licensed service animal had gone missing.

According to ABC7's heartbreaking local news segment, Lanahan survived a plane crash when she was just eight years old and Archie is her alternative cure for the extreme anxiety she feels. "I completely freaked out, started screaming like, 'Oh my god! Where's my dog?'" Lanahan told the local news station. "Pure panic."

Now, Archie's photo is getting plastered through BART stations in the city and on the peninsula and Lanahan has launched a campaign to get him back, even offering a $1,000 reward for the fluffly little ball of canine xanax.

"Some people will think it's funny," Lanahan's husband Shay Machluf told ABC7, "but I don't think it's funny because for me and for my wife, that's our little kid. We don't have any kids, so."

That reward has ballooned to $3,000 thanks to additional donations from strangers and could keep growing as more people hear her story, so the dastardly dognapper will probably claim his ransom any day now.