Regarding State Senator Mark Leno's new bill that could move last call to 4 a.m., Mayor Lee has said the city will "have to think very carefully about that." Bor-ing.

Lee went on to say, "Some would suggest that alcohol at certain hours is not the best thing combined with traffic." On the other hand, the rest of us seasoned drinkers and reasonable people would suggest that alcohol at any hour is not the best thing combined with traffic. And last we checked, Happy Hour/Rush Hour seems to be a popular time for folks to get their drinking done.

The defensively boring Mayor didn't completely rule out a 4 a.m. last call for San Francisco, saying that the city is still looking for more ways to stimulate nighttime entertainment and his office will "consider it in that context."

As much as we hate to say it, Gavin would have been all over this one (allegedly, that is).

Remember the time Mayor Lee asked bars to go light on the booze for Super Bowl Sunday?

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