Good news, everyone, today is the 25th annual Pi day. It’s always a little too early in the morning for math, but if you recall, the first three digits of the never-ending number are 3.14, and today is 3.14.

Some people do actually care -- the Exploratorium seems pretty stoked (physicist Larry Shaw started the first large-scale Pi day celebration at the Exploratorium in 1988) and has Pi-ish events today. But if you hate math, and just want to act like you’re into it to get some deals at our favorite pie places in the city, we admire you.

Mission Pie is offering a slice of pie, any flavor, for $3.14 all day today (they close at 10 pm). That’s not a lot less expensive that what a slice usually costs there, but who cares? It’s a nice thought, and good pie. And all four of Patxi’s Pizza locations are doing a lunch special from 11am - 4 pm in honor of the holiday (?). Get a deep dish or thin crust slice, a salad, and drink for $Pi.

Also, BBQ staple Memphis Minnie's is going all out. Their Chili Cheese Hand Pie (beef brisket chili, sharp cheddar in a flaky crust, fried!) is making a comeback just for Pi day, and the from-scratch Southern Pecan Pie helps round out the three savory and four sweet pies they are serving today.

Also just in under the geek wire, mark your calendars for July 22 when the fractional equivalent of Pi (twenty-two over seven) is celebrated. Who knew?