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Last year, NBA player Jeremy Lin became one of the world's most talked-about athletes in the world. His quick rise to fame, spurred by media hysteria (partnered with racially tinged commentary) became known as "Linsanity", and his story as the ultimate underdog captured fans' attention around the world.

Tonight, The Center for Asian America Media presents 'Linsanity' as the kick-off to its 11-day celebration of film and culture celebrating Asian and Asian American artists. The documentary follows Lin's path to last year's meteoric rise, using home videos, interviews and game footage to give you a courtside seat to Lin's story.

From CAAMFest:

The Jeremy Lin story begins in the suburbs of Palo Alto, where as a high-schooler Lin quickly impressed coaches and audiences with his uncanny ability and work ethic. Nonetheless, he received no athletic scholarships after graduating high school, and finally left the Bay to attend Harvard University, where he continued to prove himself on the court. Undrafted out of college and never given a full run in the NBA (even after spending time with his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors), he soon joined the New York Knicks as a backup, until injuries to starters propelled him onto the court…and into stardom.

Not willing to wait in line tonight? CAAMFest goes for 11 days, so be sure to check out one of the films in their lineup. We're especially looking forward to 'Seeking Asian Female', a documentary about non-Asian men's sexual and romantic preference for Asian women.

'Linsanity' at the Castro Theater, 7 p.m.
429 Castro St., S.F., (415) 621-6120