At last night's Lauryn Hill/Nas show at the Fox in Oakland, Nas sounded great and cycled through all his hits, while Hill, the one time megastar, sang along to some strange arrangements, and sounded just okay, according to the Weekly.

We ourselves didn't want to put ourselves through the torture (and we're only kind of fans of Nas), but critic Rachel Swan gives us the rundown:

Nas delivered a fantastic set of old hits, all shouted convincingly over the full wallop of his live rock band. ... When Hill finally emerged, it wasn't without fanfare ... Wearing a leather coat over baggy checkered trousers, [she] looked unfashionable, but not quite homeless... she larded her performance with strangely altered arrangements of old pop songs, including a likeable, if utterly transformed version of "Killing Me Softly" ... Even while singing, she gave directions to band members, often in the form of an audible scold... But Nas saved the show a second time, right as Hill lurched toward free-jazz incomprehensibility.

Yep. Anyone shell out $100 or more to see her at the Independent on Sunday and have a similar report? We're all ears.

[All Shook Down/SF Weekly]

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