Cameras were allowed in the courtroom on Monday to take still shots of 14-year-old Kaviar King, the Vallejo teen suspected of kidnapping, beating, and sexually assaulting a 65-year-old woman, who will be tried as an adult. (In California, 14 is the minimum age for a teen to be charged as an adult.)

Sporting a blue juvenile hall jumpsuit, King was escorted into adult court with his hands shackled at his waist. He has been charged with 10 felony counts, including suspicion of attempted murder, carjacking, armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom, and several sexual assault offenses.

Last week, the victim was kidnapped at gunpoint at the Gateway Shopping Center Plaza in Vallejo and forced to drive to a location within five miles of her abduction and was physically and sexually assaulted, then left unconscious and bound by duct tape in a ditch. Police arrested King after he returned to the scene of the crime.

According to Times-Herald, "His bail was set at $4.5 million, a figure that reflects six felonies that carry potential life sentences."