All cats deserved to be spoiled. This is a given. So why not do so with this nifty couch that allows them to scurry in and out via a built-in habitrail? Simply called This Cat Tunnel Sofa, it was made to "communicate and share feelings with a cat," explains Korean designer Seungji Mun, adding, "After analyzing and observing cats’ habits and behaviors through experts’ opinion and sufficient research, we designed the structure and shape of the sofa to be fully in harmony with."

Though the entire thing doesn't come apart for easy clean up — "if a cat decides to puke in the right elbow you may just have to deal with it until it dries up and the smell goes away," points out Geekologie — it sure would make your feline family member(s) happy. Pipe dream: This Cat Tunnel Sofa could also possibly deter your cats from shredding apart your couch.

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