Notorious for their no-so impeccably clean ways, Vietnamese staple Tu Lan, nestled in the heart of the burgeoning mid-Market area of doom, was forced to close of numerous health violations. Tu Lan's closure is nothing new. They were also shut down in January 2011, September 2011, and April 2012. Though their imperial rolls are exquisite, the place is a dank shit hole wrapped in rice paper and wafting piss fumes.

Chon reports:

Health department inspectors found that Tu Lan, the famous and sometimes infamous establishment nestled in the gritty Sixth Street neighborhood south of Market Street, stored food at improper temperatures, didn't have proper hand-washing stations, was crawling with cockroaches and mice and wasn't bleaching its cleaning cloths.

It gets worse. Stephanie Cushing, a city health inspector, goes on to tell the Chron, "They had eggs sitting out for three days, four days...weren't washing their hands - they were scratching themselves and handling food." We can believe it. Your SFist editor once had a cockroach drop onto his date's head while supping at the Sixth Street greasy spoon. Read all about it.