The following post is from our advertiser, The San Francisco Symphony.

When Ed Sullivan introduced the Beatles to America in 1964, everything changed…the way Americans listened to music, the way we wore our hair, the way we perceived our world. Classical Mystery Tour, featuring four musicians who look - and sound - just like the original Fab Four, recapture the spell the Beatles cast over us when they perform over two dozen classic Beatles tunes with the San Francisco Symphony on August 2 and 3.

The Beatles stopped touring in 1966, making this tribute concert a rare opportunity to hear some of their most lushly orchestrated songs live on stage. Hear “Penny Lane” with a live trumpet section, experience the beauty of “Yesterday” with an acoustic guitar and string quartet, and enjoy the classical/rock blend on “I Am the Walrus.”

Tickets start at just $15, and are half price for kids under 17.