MUJI, the popular Japanese retail company that has applied their minimalist design and zen-like, brand-free packaging to everything from skincare to furniture will open their first West Coast location in San Francisco this Fall. Like UNIQLO, the other Japanese retailer coming to the city this Fall, S.F.'s MUJI store will be the first for the company outside of New York City.

MUJI, short for Mujirushi Ryohin which translates to "no-brand quality goods,” is known for reasonably priced and responsibly manufactured goods made with an emphasis on recycled materials and little manufacturing waste, so they ought to fit right in here in San Francisco. According to the company, MUJI SOMA will land at 540 Ninth Street near Bryant Street in SoMa sometime in November of this year. At 7,250 square feet it will be the company's largest store in the United States.

In a statement today, Hiroyoshi Azami President of MUJI USA, who seems to be a dude who at least kind of gets San Francisco said, "We hope MUJI will be embraced by many people living in San Francisco Bay Area." With over 2,000 items on offer at the store, the majority of which are household items with a much better look than your standard as-seen-on-TV Bed Bath & Beyond fare, we expect most San Franciscans will not have a hard time embracing another reason to avoid the lines at IKEA.

Outside of the U.S. MUJI has 372 stores in Japan and another 163 outlets around the world.