Banana Sam, the squirrel monkey stolen from the San Francisco Zoo just before the new year, is finally ready to greet his legion of adoring this weekend. Sam, you'll remember, went missing and was believed to be stolen from the zoo on December 30th, only to turn up in Stern Grove nearby (allegedly, anyway). Now that Sam has had a month in rehab to shake off that terrible New Year's experience, the Zoo is throwing an "I Love Banana Sam" Weekend this Saturday and Sunday, and they would like all of us Samfans to shower him with Valentine wishes.

Presumably because the little's guy's ego was so bruised by the trauma, anyone who brings Banana Sam a Valentine's card at the Zoo this Saturday or Sunday will get $1 off admission to the park. No matter how much you love the little guy, the Zoo would like you to limit yourself to one Valentine per person, but look: we've already found a suitable Valentine message for a Squirrel Monkey.

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