Time to shed this grizzly winter of ours, yes? Oh wait, no. It has not been a glacial winter. Not at all. It has, in fact, been downright balmy this winter season of ours, full of shorts, sun, and getting high at your neighborhood park. While that doesn't exactly predict the best fall harvest season for our artisanal brethren up north, it does mean that we are more than ready for spring. And with that, you should consider checking out Passport to Dry Creek Valley.

What is it, exactly? Well, winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley say that, according to the event press release, the Passport bash means this: "A modern tradition with century old roots, which personifies not only the event but the region itself. From the establishment of the first winery in 1870, early recognition of the region’s zinfandel in the 1890’s, the preservation of the vineyards through Prohibition, a revival of wine-making in the 1970's to 9,000 acres of vineyards and over 60 wineries today, Dry Creek Valley has a history as rich as the soil from which its world-class wines are born."

But what does this mean for you? It means it's high time to plan a trip up north to binge eat and get lit. Tastefully, of course. A weekend of wine tasting, food pairings and entertainment at over 50 wineries in mind-bendingly spectacular Dry Creek Valley. You could use it.

The springtime celebration happens on from April 28th and 29th. Tickets, which you should buy stat since they went on sale February 1st, run $120. For more details (hotel reservations, ticket info, event details), please visit Passport to Dry Creek Valley's site.