CBS 5 reporter Joe Vazquez sent out the following Twitter message today: "High schooler from Windsor jumps off Golden Gate Bridge and survives. NOT a suicide attempt."

The incident happened around a group of other students. Fellow student Markus Winter (@markusdied) writes, "Holy shit this kid from my class jumped the bridge," followed by "he didn't die." The jumper reportedly suffered from a "broken tailbone and a tear in his lung."

"It was really traumatizing," Winter went on to say.

No word yet why the student decided to take the plunge. We'll update as soon as we know more.

Update: CBS 5 reports: "[Windsor Unified School District Superintendent Bill McDermott] said he didn’t think the boy was trying to commit suicide, but said it was possible he jumped as a result of a dare by fellow classmates; authorities were still investigating what led up to the incident." The student is expected to survive.

Update II: The jumper, described by CBS 5 as "an honor student," allegedly has a habit of jumping off bridges. What's more, students also cheered him on just before he jumped.

Update III: "Officials say the student from Windsor High School in Sonoma County was crossing the bridge with a group of other students on a school field trip when he jumped off the bridge about 11 a.m.," reports San Jose Mercury News/AP. "California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Rardin told KRON-TV that after teen survived the fall, estimated to be about 200 feet, the teen was helped to shore by a surfer." He is now recovering at a San Francisco hospital.