Our friends on the Tenderloin Beat sent in this photo of what appears to be a new cocktail store in the same quaint style as say - Bourbon & Branch or one of it's spinoffs. Or maybe there's really a Mister Lew somewhere out there who always dreamed of coming to San Francisco and opening a Win-Win Bar where he could serve drinks to other connoisseurs of Sazerac. Who even knows anymore?

Either way, it's located on "Jones just beneath O'Farrell--within a good spit of [Bourbon & Branch.]" So, let us know if you see any interesting goings-on.

Update: an insider sends word: "The Bourbon & Branch guys renamed the bar [formerly Club 441, soon to be a B&B offshoot] for the night when they held a birthday party there for one of their managers, Justin Lew." - So both parts were true and the sazerac-peddling Mr. Lew does exist. San Francisco: where dreams come true.