KTVU has some choice footage of last Saturday's Muni crash over on King Street near AT&T Park. Since major news networks inexplicably don't believe in the religion of Embedded Code, we are forced to link to it here. (Oh, and then you have to click on "RAW VIDEO: Watch Muni Surveillance Footage Shot On Trains Involved In Collision.") If some kind soul wants to upload or find us the same footage, YouTube- or Flickr Video-style, we'd be most appreciative. Forget KTVU and their pre-commercialed footage. Here it is uninterrupted!

Anyway, what the Muni camera captures is pretty jarring. Literally. The train must have been traveling abnormally fast to throw passengers around like that. Ouch, indeed.

A thousand thanks foes out to the formidable Kevin Lewis for doing this for us. We owe you one!