Every time we watched an episode last year we thought, "Wow. We should really be enjoying this more than we are." Occasionally cute, occasionally funny, it was never consistently anything. And we especially hated how they decided to change an entire storyline during the middle of the season with the introduction of Rebecca "She's my sister! She's my brother!" Romijn as the tranny heir to the magazine. This is one of those shows we may have to drop this year.

Much like "Grey's Anatomy," which premieres at 9 p.m. Last season was overshadowed by the Isaiah Washington controversy, but we mustn't forget the egregious things that happened within the context of the show. Like how Izzie Stevens turned into a completely hateful character who could sleep with her married friend, and still remain totally self-riotous. And everyones treatment of the perfectly lovely Callie was just shameful. We wish SHE'D get her own spin-off so she could get the hell away from all those assholes. And let's not even discuss the never ending saga of Meredith and McDreamy. This may be the year we say good-bye to these jerks for good.