Un-American group the Catholic League, the nation's largest Catholic civil rights sect, has called for a boycott of Miller Beer ever since The Last Supper got the parody treatment from the Folsom Street Fair folks.

Two great comments on our original post that can sum it all up, more or less: guest, "This isn't about christians, gays, or fisting; it's about ignorant American philistines too dull to understand that homages to The Last Supper are a time-honored tradition." And SFist reader DJTennessee, "I'd totally boycott Miller Beer if I could ever stomach that shit."

But in the end, this has little to do with a work of art painted by a homo, or misguided notions of anti-religious promotional materials, and everything to do with good old-fashion American hate. Just for this, Catholic League, we urge the gays to take part in a nationwide ban on all boy-rape. Ha! See how you like it.